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Zona Remix - fundamental principles

- cooperation (shareing, work with partnership and harmony with nature and people)
- networking with like-minded folks and other projects
- cheap housing available for everyone
- no dogma, multicultural environment
- creating of permanent working occasion in community frame
- food and power self-sufficiency
- self-responsibility
- cultural and spiritual development
- creative, innovative solutions
- self-governance
- new economy

A Vision

We are aware that current changes on the Planet are a big opportunity for us. Our vision is to create a healthy space with quality of life in mind. To create a free and self-sufficient (energy, economy and food) town. We are in a phase of realisation of the project which can become an inspiration or a"test site" for a people who are looking for an alternative to today's destructive way of life, who are trying to thrive throught the worldwide social, spiritual and economical crisis. Also it is going to be a living laboratory where this new practical approaches will be tested...

We live in planetary consciousness of a new time. We are building planetary community, which is open to other groups all over the world, mixing in and trying to function in the sense of evolutionary change of human society and culture.

Blueprint: Future Earth

Light-Seeds Foundation (by Michael st. Clair)

A network of people, projects and communities developing sustainable solutions for the futures of planet Earth

Old paradigm economic practices are no longer sustainable.
Ecological destruction and land degradation createeconomic decline.
Shared global environments of cooperation and sustainable economics are required...
To meet the demands of a rapidly collapsing reality.
People, projects & community networks are the key to self-reliance and survival.
Light-Seeds Foundation promote the blueprint for designing the sane world.

Our intention is to redefine our current world paradigm, forming the vehicle through whitch individuals can share valuable knowledge, to serve humanity as an inspiration.
Our purpose is topresent a long forgotten knowing, now (re)-emerging into this world, whose application creates viable alternatives in refreshing ways.
Our goal is tointeligently shape our collective future through co-creating in present as this realm organically restructuresitself.

Water / food & key resources:
Sustainable agriculture planning
Machinery & electronics:
Communication / News & information:
Information & knowledge mgmt
Personal growth:
Individual & societal development
Money / markets & commerce:
Sustainable Barter Economies
Renewable power resources
Wind / Solar & space engineering
Building / Shelter / homes:
Sustainable Community Planning
Holistic architecture & construction
Health / Balance:
IntegrativeHealing & Wellness
Knowledge & teaching base
Integrative science & studies
New community organisation:
Self governance system design

Through a global network of people, projects & communities, pragmatically develop & apply innovative solutions for the sustainable delivery of the most critically needed capabilities & resources for thesurvival & transformation of our inter-planetarysociety.

Identify all most critical fundamental needs od individuals & communities - Create & use networks of skilled people, global projects & local communities - Provide funcional sustainable solutions with new capabilities to meet them.

Numerous incredibly successful worldwide projects have already been built on an open source solution Model.
The idea of an open source project isa community-developed project that develops a freely available resource for all of humankind.
Until now, these projects have primarily been software projects like Linux and Mozilla Firefox with "open source" meaning open availability
Yet,the open source model can be used to build any types of solutions needed for our survival.
Light-Seeds foundation will apply this open source model to develop the most critically needed solutions for mankind, and to provide them for free to all.

Just as no individual can easily manage the scope of any one of these projects on his/her own, no single project can manage the overall scope of the required effort on its own
Consequently, a shared model is needed - one in whitch all selected project work as part of a larger, global networked project community. All projects support and assist each other to cover the whole scope needed - and to gather maximum synergy from larger networked effort.
Yet, even these global solutions projects cannot act on their own. Local communities are also needed to implement and test the solutions provided as well as to act as the future physical support structures for projects and the people suporting the projects.
In an overall game plan we literally "thing globally & act locally".
Worldwide individuals & organisations will supply their skills & resources to develop revolutionary solutions at global level and apply them locally to inter-networked, autonomous and autarch communities.

Local groups are tasked to develop local sustainable communities around the globe
These communities will act as a network of physical, self-sustainable cummunities available to project members to participate & live within as they choose.
Whereas the global projects will develop solutions to be deployed in all local communities, these will develop living spaces to host global project members.
Funding for the development of local communities will come either from donatoins or from businesses that are created within the communities to allow them to be self-funding and self sustaining.
These could be businesses in agriculture,energy, manufacturing, health & wellness, science & economy, teaching, IT, or a whole host of other alternatives.
The idea for all the projects & communities is to develop them to be both self-sustaining as well as communally suportive across the entire network of participants involved, while networked globally - via state of the art communications, barter, trade and telepathic transmissions - based on an inter-planetary guidance system transcending existing spirituality.

Information shareing: Build initial awareness and information resources on project topics through broad networking & information sharing across the globe.
Knowledge teams: Build core focus groups to identify and discuss specific, compelling observations and anomalies in order to challenge & develop a rafined understanding of a project topic.
Knowledge modelling: Utilize Knowledge management facilitation capabilities to consolidate varied specialist understanding into integrated knowledge models that can be pragmatically applied by everyone.
Solution Development - Deploy engineering teams to work pragmatically with knowledge models to develop concrete solutions based upon new ideas & totally untried understandings - free fromthe known
Comunity Deployment - Deploy engineered solutions tolocal teams to apply in communal "testbeds" so as to build local capabilities as well as to test understanding
Comunity feedback - Consolidate first hand observation, experience, and practical lessons learned back into knowledge and engineering models for future use as well as specify specific community needs that must be supported by global projects
Experience shareing - Pro-actively communicate knowing, new ideas, and discoveries, between projects and communities tofacilitate further integration.

First we want a global network of truly committed individuals & organisations volunteering with their skills, funds & resources - land & technolohies - to develop & support theproposed projects & communities.
We adress finaciers, sponsors,investors & economists: "Be part of a changing world - contact us!"
As soon as these skills & resources begin to become available, we immediately start to allocate this network into distinct advanced projects & communities that can implement the model proposed
Then we look for key individuals to leadup andtake responsibility for the core projects & initiatives outlined here. We coordinate this start-up activity.
How would you like to participate or support this effort?
If you are looking for the opportunity of a lifetime (or lifetimes), then this is IT!
The blueprint: Future Earth community network site will be online soon for your chance to help to truly transform theEarth into place worth living.
Together we will create the Future Earth the one we Imagined & are looking for!

"Thrive, not just survive"-
We will not build another survivalist movement.
We will build self-sufficient communities designed to develop and employ values and inovations that allow us to create type of world we've always belived was posible.
No dogma-
We will be neither religious nor political.
Every assumption can and must be fairly and ligically questioned - especially themost basic assumptions we have.
This questioning excersise is where the majority of our innovations come from and where most major efforts have missed boat in the past.
Real innovation -
We will create and utilize truly innovative and sustainable solutions that are not just based upon currently popular approaches, but upon revolutionary approaches thatrefine what we might otherwise belive possible.

Harmonized solutions-
The solution tenets that we utilize will be based on integrative knowledge models that utilize the most simple, elegant, and holistic approaches available to us. We will use harmonized solutions that truly balance individual, communal, and ecological needs to the highest degree possibleand that are ultimately sustainable at all levels of application.
Integrated understanding-
We will integrate to the greatest degree possible all of our collective knowledge and solutions. We will not build isolated knowledge and solution camps. If wa can't easily integrate either our knowledge or solutions then we are clearly missing somecritical understanding. We will continue to refine our knowing, until we can integrate all of it simply and elegantly.
Pragmatic results-
We are both ultimately open-minded and pragmatic. We open our minds to all new ideas no matter how revolutionary,but we will NOT focus on creating highly complex esoteric consepts that don't reach ractical application.
We ARE about developing and utilising revolutionary ideas, knowledge, and solutions that will trully transform our day-to-day lives.
Know this:
-Margaret Mead
Integrative science

Experimental Building in Zona Remix : THE SPIRAL HOUSE

We are in planning process of an extremely self-sufficent Earthship building called The Snail, (Šnek).

wath earthships on youtube here
or official website of earthship biotecture here

Snail is experimental building for 2 people trying to be as small as possible, yet suitable for inhabitants. As simple as possible, but mostly efficient and cheap. It has two main sacret spiral rammed earth walls. It should be easily enlarged in future for new family occupier. It looks like many other Earthhips with typically sloped South faced glazing for optimal solar gain - no heating or cooling bills becouse of huge termal mass where is excess of summer energy stored.

Prevalent wind goes right in through entry door cooling greenhouse corridor and leave the building in large window on the other end. On the front side are 3 openable windows for further intake of fresh cooler air in hot days. Openable skylights further facilitate cooling draught by facilitation escaping warm air out.

Snail catches rainwater and use it for all inhabitants needs - no bills for water. It actually catches too much, so it will reserve watering for community garden and food forest which is right behind Eartship - thus extra watering it by rainfall due to earthship burial. Snail has large inside garden suplying some food throughout the year with over-flow to huge community greenhouses in front of the building. There is also sewage from septic tank recycled.

Our Earthship is completely out of grid - It will use alternative source of energy - no power bills. We will try to achive strange mixed visage: typically futuristic earthship looking combined with unusually familiar look of peasant baroque which is quite typical for our area...

more on my launching blog you will have to learn Czech tho :)

exhibition "zona - stud remix" in Zonaremix is open

From 27 of June exhibition of urbanistic studies of Zona Remix had been opened for public every day from 9:00 - 18:00. Have a look into future of Zona how students of institute for designing 6 FA VUT in Brno sees it: Markéta Novotná , Martin Mareš, Martin Fabián, Václav Kocián, Tomáš Jalůvka under pedagogic supervision of ing.arch. Jan Mléčka.

Become the citizens of the free town Zona Remix in Czech Republic

It is really live your life, to do what fulfils you, to be surrounded by people with the same view of life; the same energy. You just have to make your decision… Visit us, choose the house where you want to live and which you want to change into your new home with your own hands.

The whole project is based on cooperation and sharing. We would be happy to advise you on how to do the cheap and effective reconstruction of the property. Sewer connection and electricity connection are included in the price of the property.

Existing houses will provide enough space for 12-25 families, depending on the number of the members, their professions and demands for the space (workshops, studios, etc.) The whole process of settlement is like a living organism, it is in progress, nothing is given in advance. The floorage of the smallest unit intended for living is about 80 square meters and costs 99 000 CZK (3835 Euro) including a garden at the back of the house.

The sooner you come the bigger your chance to choose from a big selection of available properties will be. Some houses are habitable after only small reconstruction. In case you choose a house which requires a bigger reconstruction you will be provided accommodation in a manor house which in the future will be used as accommodation for visitors of workshops and educational tours.